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We are KTN Construction Sdn. Bhd.  a leading building and civil engineering contractor in Malaysia. KTN Construction Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2004 with its head office based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

KTN Construction has within its organisation a team of experienced and well trained professionals in the management, complemented by a pool of highly skilled craftsmen to meet the demands of our clients. Our belief is “A satisfied client is the best testimony a contractor can get” and we continue to strive to achieve our aim project after project.

Over the years ever since KTN Construction was founded, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We have been involved with various building constructions as, for example: commercial complexes, hotels , housing estates, industrial buildings, private residential buildings, public libraries, schools, university complexes and also numerous civil engineering related works like flyovers, footbridges, foundations, site formations, reclamation works, port works, waterworks, slope stabilization works, roads and drainage.

Company Vision:​
- Leading the industry through systematic approach to construction, leading to achievement of the highest quality standards.

Company Mission:
- The Malaysian construction industry has gone through many changes throughout the course of history. In the previous decade, quality standars started to take
  precedence, followed by adoption of safety requirements. Currently, the main focus of the construction industry is focused on IBS and building technology.
- In this ever changing backdrop, the current construction industry is also mired in the prevalent use of unskilled illegal migrant workers which has become a constant
  problem. This has hampered the construction industry greatly whereby unskilled workers continue to be employed where productivivty of works are not at par with trade
  standards throughout Malaysia.
- With this in mind, KTN Construction has set out with a mission to provide clients with a sense of scurity that the projects will never encounter problems related to illegal
   migrant workers. With over 400 legal workers, new workers are constantly being brought in and trained by the skilled workers creating a credible work force.
- In order to assist our staff to constantly learn new skills and knowledge, we also do not hesitate to employ third party consultants for advice and training purposes.
- A constant lookout for new construction material is also being carried out actively to ensure less construction wastages and debris in order to reduce impact on the
  environment. Adoption of the 5S system into our everyday works to create a safe and efficient working environment is currently being carried out.

Below is a list of the projects that we have successfully completed / ongoing and in which we are proud of.

• PTP-New Container Terminal Yard, Engineering Workshop and Back of Wharf
• Iskandar Gleaneagles Medini Hospital Nusajaya
• Semangar Water Treatment Plant
• Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant
• JB Cocoa Factory
• Pengerang Cogeneration Plant RAPID Complex-Road and Drainage Works and Cooling Tower
• TGV Cinema Jusco
• Senai Airport City-VVIP Hangar, Taxiways and Parking Apron

Our physical performance out in the field has also been complemented by accreditation awards. Our very first accreditation was the IS09001:2008 certification in General Construction Services and at the same time since then our company has also obtained the CIDB certification as well.

We are confident that with a well-managed organisation, a commendable pool of resources and a proven track record, we should be able to face the challenges ahead and continue to grow.

Our Works


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

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